How might learning MI enhance your practice? 

Imagine your clients uncovering their own motivation and activating themselves more to meet their goals. Motivational Interviewing helps you broaden and deepen your skills to help people make changes based on their values and their reasons to change.

My approach to MI training is hands-on and pragmatic. In our MI workshops I will help you learn MI concepts, practices, and conversational skills to aid clients with their ambivalence of feelings, behaviors, and attitudes. In our active MI workshops you come to understand more of MI framework and approaches for brief health conversations, or longer counseling situations. Extensive research supports MI as an effective way to help people change.

Mike Fulop is a clinical psychologist integrating MI, with other treatment models to assist patients and families improve physical or mental health, parenting, and academic self-activation. His motivational interviewing trainings focus on psychologists, social workers, diabetes educators, school psychologists, teachers, family counselors, physicians, psychiatric nurse practitioners, graduate students, naturopaths, deputies, physical therapists, and others.

Mike Fulop has T1 diabetes. He began his path in learning MI as a way to help patients with diabetes, especially diabetes professional educators and treating physicians taking care of people with diabetes. MI helps professionals make rapid engagement and improves health outcomes.

Mike Fulop began his formal MI training in Sitges, Spain (2009) at the MINT TNT (training of new trainers). He holds a doctor of psychology degree from Pacific University and has been serving clients in Portland as a psychologist since 1993.

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See From Her Mountain

Learn more about Dr. Fulop and his MI Journey.

Michael Fulop, Psy.D.