Mike Fulop & MI

Michael Fulop Motivational Interviewing (MI) TrainingAs a practicing clinical psychologist, Michael Fulop was attracted to MI because of his work with people struggling to manage or make changes in how they manage chronic illnesses such as Type 1 diabetes, ADHD, learning disorders, obesity, and the issues often accompanying these problems. Dr. Fulop was drawn to MI due to his own personal experiences with medical providers.

Because he lives with T1 diabetes every day, he is often “a patient, too.” He has seen a bevy of health care providers. One thing he has noticed is that he does much better with doctors, nurses, and even medical assistants who treat him with respect and don’t treat him as a “case.”

“I’ve found the best way to engage with my clients is to listen with a deep respect for their plight, their skills, what they are doing well; to get out of the way of their already earnest change efforts. I try to put aside my own needs to appear smart, to warn, cajole, instruct, teach, or confront.”

He thinks the most important efficient manner of learning MI is through focused practice and feedback. He feels there is no magic path or “best way” to train people in MI & motivation enhancement.

Dr. Fulop’s training principles:

  • Humility
  • Curiosity
  • Start where you are
  • Stay open

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*Glossary of MI Terms