What People Say

Dr. Michael FulopComments from workshops led by Dr. Fulop:

“I really enjoyed the practical exercises – they forced me out of my comfort zone and built my confidence to use MI skills.” – K.J.

“I liked the wide range of people in the workshop, as it seemed to demonstrate the broad applicability of M.I.” – N.S.

“We had an interesting and diverse group, and great exercises that didn’t put us too much on the spot, as I was not a big fan of role playing, particularly when the content is so new to me. BUT it’s the best way to learn!” – S.M.

“Mike was excellent. Good trainer, knowledgeable, accessible, good communicator. Having the process broken down into manageable steps was helpful.” – F.N.

After a challenging reflection exercise a young woman learning MI exclaimed, “There are so many ways to do it right.”

One woman said, “I can sit on my hands, but it’s so much harder to sit on my lips.”