Intermediate/Adv MI Workshop

The Intermediate/Advanced M.I. Workshop builds on what you learned in the Intro to MI Workshop and focuses on deepening OARS skills and some basic MI coding with the MITI 4.1. You continue practicing specific skills as you do exercises, observe others, tape interactions, and collaboratively learn to broaden and deepen your MI skills.

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The Intermediate/Advanced Motivational Interviewing Workshop [16 hours over 2 1/2 days] is aimed at the post-graduate level for practicing psychologists and other licensed mental health providers, as well as graduate students. It combines didactic materials, observational learning, large group and small group discussions, with dyadic, triadic, and group practice to help attendees build and deepen their previous MI knowledge/proficiency.

Workshop/Course Learning Goals and Objectives
  1. Assess attendee’s knowledge about MI concepts and practices. Analyze components of MI spirit as expressed through OARS skills.
  2. Analyze directive aspects of MI practice for treatment efficacy.
  3. Explore 4 MI processes [Engage, Focus, Evoke, Plan].
  4. Assess how to apply OARS skills in each of the 4 MI process.
  5. Compare differences in Guiding, Following and Directing approaches
  6. Demonstrate advanced application of OARS skills; Evocative OEQ.
  7. Describe the importance of change talk and sustain talk in MI practice.
  8. Describe how “resistance is defined” in current MI practice.
  9. Demonstrate responses to CT and ST in easy vs challenging situations.
  10. Develop skills to find CT embedded within sustain talk or discord.
  11. Demonstrate how to soften sustain talk with OARS.
  12. Utilize MI adherent approaches when giving professional expertise.
  13. Describe and deploy basics of MITI 4.2 coding. `
  14. Describe how MITI 4.2 coding can help with MI coaching/learning.
  15. Design a rapid recall tool for salient aspects of MI practice.
  16. Further develop your MI learning plan for your practice setting.

The Intermediate/Advanced Motivational Interviewing Workshop is based on William Miller and Stephen Rollnick’s Motivational Interviewing (3rd Edition) and other works. See additional resources here.

The Intermediate/Advanced MI Workshop promotes intentional MI skill development through adult learning approaches to facilitate utilization of MI practices. A meta-goal of this workshop is to build on attendee’s current skill level. Direct practice to advance MI skills is provided within a supportive and positive workshop atmosphere. An important aspect of the workshop is opportunity to interact with other professionals.

Our Intermediate/Advanced MI Workshop offers:

  1. Exercises to advance each participant’s MI proficiency.
  2. Enhanced confidence about how to use particular MI skills/strategies within all four processes (Engage, Focus, Evoke, Plan).
  3. Practice with the MITI 4.2 (a coding tool to measure MI fidelity, whether or not one is doing MI).
  4. Discussion of methods to teach and coach others in learning MI skills.

Class/Workshop Facilitator

Michael Fulop, Psy.D. – Clinical Psychologist – MINT Member[1]

Amenities for all workshops:

  • WFC now allows you to bring in food to the David Douglas room, so bring your own food if desired, and we have access to a microwave. 
  • The World Forestry Center is MAX accessible. 
  • Park onsite – City rates are $4.00 – 8.00/day depending on the season   

Questions? Contact Michael Fulop @ 503.539.4932 or

[2]Psychologists, social workers, counselors, MD’s, PMHNP’s, M.Ed’s, PT’s, & others health professionals