Introduction to MI Workshop

IMG_0399 Dr. Michael Fulop invites you to begin or continue your MI journey in an active and safe learning environment with a maximum of 24 participants.

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The Introduction to Motivational Interviewing Workshop is aimed at providers that are curious about how to integrate MI into their practices. Attendees will include clinical and counseling psychologists, along with health and neuropsychologists, public health practitioners, licensed mental health and family counselors, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, dentists, physical therapists, substance use counselors, nutritionists, diabetes educators, or graduate students within each of these respective arenas.

Intro to Motivational Interviewing is a 16-hour workshop over 2 1/2 days. It combines didactic material, video reviews, observational learning, small and large group discussions, and skills practice so attendees can apply MI skills to be consistent with Motivational Interviewing (MI) principles and research by Miller & Rollnick and many others.

Workshop/Course Learning Goals and Objectives

  1. Describe the mindset and heart-set of MI [Spirit].
  2. Discuss how MI approaches compares to a Client Centered Counseling.
  3. Explain how and why MI focuses on a guiding approach.
  4. Describe the directive aspects of MI practice.
  5. Describe MI processes [Engage, Focus, Evoke, Plan].
  6. Practice use of OARS [focused listening skills].
  7. Describe how to convert closed questions to open questions.
  8. Describe differences between normal and evocative open questions.
  9. Demonstrate basic application of OARS skills.
  10. Describe the importance of change talk and sustain talk in MI practice.
  11. Describe how to respond to change talk in clinical conversations.
  12. Define “resistance” and discord in current MI practice.
  13. Discuss and practice softening patient sustain talk with OARS skills.
  14. Utilize MI adherent approaches to share expertise/information [EPE].
  15. Compare situations in which deploying MI is counter-productive.
  16. Develop a self-directed MI learning plan.

Our Intro to Motivational Interviewing Workshop uses an adult learning approach that combines direct basic MI skills demonstration and practice within a supportive small workshop format. The workshop provides attendees:

  1. The opportunity to learn the initial steps toward enactive mastery of MI skills.
  2. Evidence-based materials to facilitate MI adherent practice.
  3. Conceptual scaffolding to aid attendees in continued MI learning processes within their respective practice arenas.

Workshop Amenities:

  • All Slides, Workshop Handouts
  • Light continental breakfast each morning
  • Coffee, teas, water, and snacks provided 

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